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Some things All Men Need To Know About Women

We know she's a working class Lady.

We know she's independent and pays her own bills.

We know money is not her problem, all she needs is a man that can love her and spend the rest of his life with her.

She buys her cloths, makes her hair, pay her bills, buys the gifts with her own money, and doesn't ask you for a penny.

Many of us men have fall a victim of the independent Lady.

We feel she's financially ok, pays her bills, doesn't ask us for a penny, and even surprises us with gifts and all that and we conclude she doesn't need any financial assistance and all that.

Well, Bro... I think we should reason this out. There is something sweet about a Lady spending her man's money.

Despite she has her own money, giving her surprises is not a bad idea.

Like, calling her and asking what flavor of ice cream will she like because you coming to see her and just saw a nice ice cream place.

Recharging her phone despite she might have 5k airtime on it Or getting her subscription even when she has data.

You shouldn't always allow her keep paying the bills because you think she's financially independent.

A man's money has a loving touch in the spending profile of a Lady.

It makes them happy that their man is spending on them or sense their needs.

Most of these independent ladies will never want to ask you for money even if they're in need. They'll prefer sorting it out some other way than disturbing you.

Not because she's not asking doesn't mean she's not in need.

Some men are so comfortable and they say its because she loves me that's why she's not bothering me but that shouldn't make you irresponsible of your manly duties or make you slack on them.


1) Don't look at the woman's money, let her money be hers and focus on how you can meet her needs. Assume she's well dependent on you and just do the normal stuff a guy has to do for any dependent lady.

2) Don't keep making her do most of the calling because she's always having airtime and calling is not a problem. Take charge in the calls, she needs your call much more than she will want to call you. Women thrive more on communication and affection.

3) Always let her know you appreciate all she is doing and how she's striving to achieve her dreams in life. Encourage her the more and make her understand you value her and all she is and what she is doing.

4) Don't get jealous of her success, that's very unhealthy. Weak men are intimidated by strong women. If you are always angry because she's successful then you're weak. You can't handle her. You'll end up destroying her progress. You must understand that her been successful is a bonus to you and celebrate her for that. Moreover, she's not a liability to you.

5) Do not love her because of what she has, her class, her money, her achievements and all that. Love her for who she is. Do not be an opportunists because when she lose that job, the money stops coming in, and she's now dependent on you, you'll get so irritated by everything because in the first place, you loved her for what she is and has and not for who she is.




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