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7 kinds of ladies you must avoid if you want to be successful in life as a man

Hello sweethearts. Today I will be telling you about 7 kinds of ladies you have to avoid if you want to be successful in life as a man.

There's a saying which goes thus; behind every successful man is a good woman. It's very much true not because the lady has to fully be the reason behind his success, but because she is a backbone, a prayer partner and a loving supporter.

A lot of guys and men have lost their glory and wealth because of the kind of women they came across and allowed into their life. Most end up frustrated, worried, unsuccessful and bitter because they didn't choose the kind of lady that should be in their lives and with them.

There are also some who's frustration is their fault, they went in search of a lady for things like sexual pleasure which ended up destroying them.

7 kinds of ladies you must avoid if you want to be successful as a man are;

1.) Gold diggers.

A lady who is just all about your money will run you dry. She might not just run you dry she might also give you wrong advice that will lead to your financial ruin. This doesn't mean a lady can't ask you for money, it doesn't mean you shouldn't give even before you are asked, it means when a lady is always asking for money and all she needs is money. If she doesn't show you true love, she's not compassionate, she doesn't show care or affection and support towards you then she is a gold digger. Being in a relationship with such person would make you unsuccessful because you will spend and not save. You will be in some sort of transactional relationship because she is not there for love, all she needs and wants is money.

2.) Ladies that do not add meaning to your life.

If you want to become successful you must avoid meaningless friendships and relationships. When someone is not adding to your life that person is subtracting from your life. If a lady doesn't add anything meaningful to your life then you should avoid her if you want to succeed. She's just there no advice, no encouragement, no support, no effort to make you a better person, nothing. Such a lady would cause you worries and that would lead you to wasting your time on thinking about your issues, which in turn would delay your success.

3.) A lady that does not have vision or goals.

When a lady has no plans for her life, what do you think she will add to yours? A lady who has no vision, no aim and no plan will not be able to help you succeed in life. If a lady has goals which she is trying to achieve it shows that she is focused and is valuable. She would through her wisdom be able to encourage you to achieve yours.

4.) Ladies who live a life of squandering.

When you are with a lady that loves squandering, you will not be able to succeed because she will not encourage you to save.

5.) Ladies that are wayward.

A lady who is wayward is a distraction to herself and will definitely be a distraction to you. A wayward lady will not add to your life but only reduce it. If you are not wayward you will waste your precious time having issues with her and if you intend marrying her, she is not a lady children should emulate. This does not go to say you should judge any lady, your good advice can change a wayward lady to a decent one, but when a lady is bent on waywardness you should avoid her if you want to succeed. A guy should also avoid being wayward by all means so your path in life will be pure and blessed.

6.) Ladies that you are not married to.

Fornication and adultery is a key people use to lock the doors of their success. Instead of unlocking it, the key is meant for locking doors. Sex is deeper than people think or understand. Sex is spiritual, through sex you bond with a lady and become one with her. When you are one with her in the spirit you share in all her problems, curses and punishments she may have. Same goes for ladies. For example; a lady once committed abortion and is being punished for her sins when you have sex with her and become one with her, you have also become an abortionist and share in that punishment because you have been made ONE. Sex and marriage was designed by God to make a man and his wife become one. Nowadays people have turned it into an adventure for youth without realizing what they are getting themselves into.

God is not anti sex. God knows sex is pleasurable and designed it to be enjoyed by married people for a reason. When the unmarried do it they cause themselves God's punishment instead of God's blessing.

This life is simple. Obey God and life will be sweet. The bible says in the book of Colossians 3:5-6 ; Put to death therefore, whatever belongs to earthly nature: sexual immortality, impurity, list, evil desires and greed, which is idolatry, because of these the wrath of God is coming.

Avoid premarital sex and sex outside marriage, so you can prosper. Avoid women that intentionally seduce a man and avoid married women as a single man. Also as a single lady avoid married men.


Apart from being punished for fornication imagine carrying a curse on your head for what you didn't do because of who you bonded with in the realm of the spirit. Save yourself the whole thing, focus, work on your success, pray and get married so that you can have sex with your spouse and be blessed.

7.) Ladies that do not have the fear of God.

When a lady does not have the fear of God she will not lead you or encourage you to go for the right kind of success.

All you need if you want to be successful is a lady of like mind and one that fears God. One that will stand in the gap when need be on the altar of God for your sake.

This is also vice versa. Be a guy that is prayerful and on fire for God that can stand in the gap on your knees to pray for the success and well being of the woman you love and of others.

Be a guy that fears God then you can go for a lady that fears God.. You cannot be living a life of sin and be looking for a good lady.

You can not wear designer clothes with bathroom slippers. You have to be the same! Iron sharpeneth iron. Wood does not sharpen iron.

Be the best you can be and God will bring you a lady that you deserve.

Thanks guys. Please like, comment and share.

Please follow me for more of this. God richly bless you.

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