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9 Things Some Guys Wish Ladies Would Know About Them

A lot of ladies wish they knew what's going on in the minds of their men, particularly when they are quiet.

Some relationships could have been made easier if women knew what their partners were thinking.

Some guys would like to have something or do something, but are thinking of how to do it because they are shy or afraid to open up.

The following are some of the things that men wish women knew about them.

They Wish Ladies Will Know That Guys Love To Be Complemented

Some guys want their girlfriends to give them compliments. It makes them happy even if they don't show it.

They Don't Mean Most Of The Things They Say

They also wish ladies would know that they don't mean some of the things they say to them, especially things that get them upset.

They Like To Be Alone At Times

Most guys just like to be alone, and they wish ladies could understand that it does not mean that they don't love them.

They might just need some time alone to think about how to make money.

They Want Girls To Approach Them First

Some men wish women would understand that they want them to make the first move.

They want women to approach them and start a conversation with them.

They Expect To Receive Gifts From Their Partners

They wish their girlfriends would know that they also want to receive gifts once in a while.

They Are Not Sure Even When Girls Are Showing Signs Of Interest

There are times when a lady will give a sign of being interested in a guy, and he might still not be sure if the lady is truly interested in them.

Guys like this wish women would know this thing about them.

They Want Ladies To Ask Them Out For A Date

Some guys want their girlfriends to ask them out on a date, take them out, and buy things for them.

Ignoring A Lady Doesn't Mean They Don't Love Her

They also wish ladies could understand that anytime they ignore them, it doesn't mean that they are not in love with them again.

They Recall The Hurtful Words Women Have Said To Them

A lot of guys also wish that their girlfriends knew that they kept remembering those hurtful words that they said to them.

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