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The influential power of the word "never give up"

Have you ever being through a difficult situation that cost you a lot and you feel hopeless, well I have but the only thing that made me strong and kept me going was the word "never give up" and I want to tell you the same "never give up". It could be painful but don't think you can't come out of it. People tell you "never give up', the word keeps repeating and you don't know what to do, just say to yourself "never give up" because this is the only way you can challenge yourself. A girl was faced with a serious challenge in life, this is a problem that cost her life, her future, destiny and reputation. she was worried, she didn't know what to do since she had no one to help her but she could only help herself. She decided to face the situation all by herself, she kept fighting back with all her might, all she had just to smile again and she was victorious.

It doesn't matter how many times you try, keep fighting, don't give up, increase the energy you exert, let all your focus be on it and you will surely overcome. The word "never give up" has helped build the lives of so many, me and it could be you. It will s never too late to rise unless you choose not to.

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