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Relationship Guidebook: 4 Things to do When You No Longer Have Feelings for Your Woman

You might not have heard this before, but it’s possible for you to be in a relationship that has lasted for a long time, and no longer have feelings for the woman you’re in the relationship with. What I’ve realized with my years of working with lovers and partners is that most people get into a relationship out of infatuation or lust, and not really because they have a deep feeling of love towards their partner, so when they eventually satisfy their infatuation, the “butterfly in the stomach” feeling will be gone.

I’m not implying that you’re wrong for feeling this way towards your woman, for not having feelings for her anymore, what’s most important at this stage, is what you do next. Below are four things to do when you no longer have feelings for your woman.

1.      Don’t Pretend

When most men come to the realization that they no longer have feelings for their woman, they try to pretend and act as if the feelings are still there, just because they don’t want to hurt her. You might also be experiencing this same thing in your relationship at the moment, what you should know is that, the more you pretend to act as if you’re deeply in love with her, the more it would hurt when you eventually tell her. So, instead of pretending, wasting your time and hers, it’s better you end it early.

2.      Don’t Cheat on her

I understand that when you no longer have feelings for your woman, you might be tempted to want to try new things with some other women, so as to rid yourself of the guilt you’re feeling. The truth is, you can’t get rid of the guilt by cheating on her, you’ll will only be accumulating more guilt feelings, so, it’s better you settle things with your woman first, before you start going out with other people, that’s what would show that you resect her, even though you no longer have feelings for her.

3.      Tell her about it

Communication is particularly important at this stage, you need to tell her about it, and express to her how you truly feel. You don’t need to sugarcoat anything to try to make her feel better, just come out plain and tell her everything, this would help her heal quicker than you lying to her.

4.      Don’t blame her

This is another thing you should ensure that you keep to, don’t blame your woman for what has happened, it’s nobody’s fault. You both thought you had a god thing going on, but discovered that it’ not really genuine love, and that’s fine. So, just take responsibility for your actions and move on.

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