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Husband and wife relationship

My wife talks to someone every Night. I put A camera in her room and this was what i saw(fiction)

''I and my wife have been married for three years but things didn't go smoothly between us. We haven't give birth yet,till we understand that the love between us isn't strong like before. Although we still live under the same roof, I mean in the same apartment but we share different bedrooms ''

Every night I hear her talking to someone as if the person is present with her,This continued for weeks and got to almost three months. I got Uncomfortable with it and I decided to ask her about it but she said that there is no one she speaks with, I was not okay with her response so I secretly installed a camera in her room when she was not around.

When night came she spoke with someone as usual. In the morning when she left,I went to her room and collected the camera.

I checked it,you wouldn't believe what I saw. A man appeared by her wall and got into her bed.

And she felt at ease with the man and they chatted the night away. I could not believe my eyes. was that a ghost or special created that she has been spending the night with?

Kindly share it please

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