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4 Things Ladies Want From 4 Things Ladies Want From Guys, But May Never Say It Out

A Lady's emotions can be very fragile, they can be easily heartbroken more than guys. They hate the feeling of being rejected, that is why a lady can never ask a guy out.

Sometimes a lady might want something from a guy, but will never say it. In this article, we will look at 4 of such things, that a lady may be dying to get from a guy, but will not open up to tell him.

1. Compliments

Ladies love compliments, and they want to hear it every single time from a guy. Things like; you are beautiful, you are amazing, you are the best and all that. Telling her these things will keep her by your side always.

2. Playing

Ladies love it when their partners play silly plays with them. A lady may not tell you, but she enjoys those childish plays. It gives her the feeling of happiness and love.

3. Petting

Just like plays, ladies love it when guys pet them, but may never say it. Just pet her like she is a helpless child. This will make her love you even more.

4. Spending Time With You

Like it or not, ladies love attention. She will value you if you spend time with her. Take her out, eat lunch with her, and watch movies with her. They may not admit it, but they love it.

Thank You.

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