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Check Out Two Signs Of Knowing When He is No More Interested In You

Sometimes, women are too blind with their emotions or feelings for the man they love, to see the notice he served. Some ladies are so much drowned in love that they cannot realize the departure of their partner. They get to the place of confusion; they don't know whether they are in a relationship or not. It is needful that ladies must learn to know when their man has lost interest in a relationship with them. It is on this note that we shall examine two signs that can tell when he is no more interested in you.

1. When he start giving you excuses: One of the first sign they show that they have no interest in you is the act of giving of excuses why their lady cannot see them, why they cannot call them, why they cannot receive their calls or return them. They make excuses why they have forgotten about them. Sadly, some of these ladies buy into such lies and when they get tired of trying, they eventually leave or shift their attention to someone else. When a man loves you, no person or thing or a project or job can take your place in their mind. To the man, love is in the brain and not in the heart. If he cannot remember you, it simply means you no longer exist in his brain or you are now in the archives or have been overwritten by someone else. So, while you hold on to the feelings you have for him, how he made you feel, how your heart beats for them, to him you are history. No matter the number of times you call or the messages you sent, the lesson is over. The chemistry is dead, what is left is history. He does not want to feel guilty for leaving so he gives you false hope, using an existing project or incoming one as an escape.

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2. When he stop giving you attention: This is another sign that is exhibited by him when he start giving you excuses why he cannot see you or talk to you. He stop chatting with you even as far stopping to call you and breaks all communication link between the both of you then that's the right time to find out your place in his life. There are chances that he has met someone So all you need is to understand that he has no more interest in you and the relationship but may not want to cut off everything so he can maintain existing friendship between the both of you. If after all that, there is no response of change from him, then gather all the strength you need and move on.

These signs examined above are some of the ways that a lady can detect whether her man is still interested in her and the relationship or not. What is needful here is that, when any of these signs is noticeable, such lady is expected to simply quit the relationship and move on with her life.

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