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You need these marriage tips before you say "I do"

Marriage is an event that most young people look forward to; however, not many people actually prepare for a successful marriage. It is one thing to get married, and another thing for the marriage to last long. I am always excited when I see people celebrating ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, and many more years of blissful marriage. Unfortunately, many are not even fortunate to celebrate a year of togetherness in marriage. It can be painful to see couples separating and calling it to quit.

Many young ones rush into marriage without adequate mental and spiritual preparation. These are aspects of the preparation that many overlook, thinking that physical, financial status will compensate for them. When you listen to parties in many broken marriages, one will notice that issues that led to breakage do not actually worth it as we have many couples who have had the worst experiences and are still together.

Marriage is like a journey, as you go on the path to your destination, you will meet with many situations. There are times you will climb hills exerting much power and there are times you will descend the hills and gain some speed. These are experiences of the journey. There are times you will need to slow down because of bumps and pothole, you can't rush your journey on such spots; and there are times you will journey on the smooth path and have feeling that such moments should continue without stop. You and I know that none of these experiences should be big enough to make you turn back from your life and marriage journey.

One thing you must make up your mind on is that no matter what, your marriage must work. Every marriage will be threatened but it takes determination to face whatever you meet on your journey. A Yoruba adage translated says, "a child that will be tall will have slim legs". Most times a robust and blissful marriage may not be very attractive in the beginning, but it is just a matter of time.

The foundation of your marriage matter a lot. Make God the foundation of your home. Like the Biblical builder, who built his house on the rock, even in the face of storm and winds, it could stand firm. Have a mental picture of the home you desire, pray to God about it during your year of waiting, and be hopeful that you will be a blissful home. Peace.

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