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How To Select Asoebi For Wedding Ceremonies

There are so many things you really need to consider before choosing an asoebi for your wedding. Remember, the most important purpose of using the asoebi outfit is to create a uniformity in the pattern of dressing on the day, and going for the perfect outfit will help you achieve that aim. We hope this little write-up will give you a guide on how to choose the best asoebi for any event.

A very important feature at weddings in Africa is the several styles of uniforms worn to represent the different groups of people present in the wedding event. This makes it very easy to differentiate some people from the rest.

The bride and groom will have different asoebi outfits, an aso ebi style that will be quite matching and also relate to one another. The bride’s female friends will also put on a different asoebi attire with beautiful matching head wraps popularly called "gele" in Africa, complemented with several accessories like beaded necklaces, leg chains and earrings. The groom’s friends are not left out in this trend as they also have their own special asoebi outfit, usually complemented with a cap and a wooden walking stick.

Other invited guests like the couple's friends, colleagues, neighbors and course mates are usually seen with the asoebi outfits.

When selecting an Asoebi outfit for your wedding, please make sure you pick the ones whose color will correspond with the couple's outfits.

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