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Four Things Your Partner Do To Show He Or She Cares

1) Asks about your day. During that time you spend together, does your partner ask about, and show interest in, the high and low points of your work day? Couples build their love for each other not necessarily on the ethereal, but on the practical supports that keep communication routes open.

2) They listen

A partner who loves you will take an active interest in the details of your life.

They’ll listen actively by asking questions and waiting their turn to share instead of immediately diverting the conversation toward their own experiences. You get the sense they really care, instead of feeling brushed off 

3) Give a Compliment. When they get the chance, it is ideal for them to compliment you in order to support your healthy self-esteem. 

4) They easily forgive You

Being forgiving. There is no better way to love someone than to openly forgive and forget. Holding a grudge will not improve a relationship

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