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Apart from your Age, here are Five (5) Factors that determine if you’re ready for marriage or not

1) Financial Status: Having a Good paying Job to cater for yourself and the family you plan to have is one assurance you can give yourself that you’re ready. This alone makes you confident and have a feeling of responsibility.

2)Mental Stability: of course Marriage can’t be all rosy and calm. Issues and problems will always arise. Can you handle situations? Can you deal with problems? Can you counter and overcome challenges? How will you pull through? How will you sort these out? These are questions you need to ask yourself also. If you’re not strong, it could mess you up.

3) feeling Comfortable and secure: By this I mean with your partner. Someone you can share your thoughts,feelings, plan, goal, emotions etc with. When you find this person and you feel this way with he/she, you’re good to go

4) Having no problem apologizing: How you relate to heated arguments will also determine if you’re ready. Don’t make it always seem like your points must be seen and accepted. Sometimes you just need to take the blame and avoid such mistakes to come up again. Simply apologizing will reduce anger and (who knows) prevent you from taking regrettable actions.

5) Finally, you trust and want to be with your partner. You want a lifetime experience with he/she. You are convinced your partner is the right person and you want to build a family with such person. Now you know why you want to get married.

If you don’t meet up with all these above, do not venture into Marriage.

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