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5 Romantic Ways To Get Your Woman Out of Bed In The Morning

Women are often likened to eggs that needs to be pampered due to their fragile nature. Having known this, it's cool to try all the possible tactics in ensuring one's woman has the best romantic experience ever. However, in this article, I'll be sharing with you how you can pleasantly wake your sweetheart in a manner she won't forget soon.

First, note that women differ and some may find your attempts quite provocative but try as much as possible to be yourself and remain calm with a bright smile to get positive feedbacks from her.

1. Peck Her Forehead

Ladies find it extremely romantic whenever they are woken up by the gentle lips of their lover in the room. They often open their eyes gently with a radiant smile to show they're pleased to have him with them. However, if she doesn't wake up to the soft peck on her forehead don't try going for the lips as she may be slightly upset.

2. Caress Her Cheeks

If you're not the ‘lover boy’ type then you can gently rub your palms on your partner's soft cheeks until she opens her eyes to the broad daylight. In the process try as much as possible to remain tender without applying force on her which may abruptly end her soothing sleep.

3. Prepare a Coffee

True lover boys know this strategy works like magic which almost every girl appreciates it when done. Before you wake your girl up this morning endeavor to prepare a warm tea, place it in a tray and approach her bedside while you tap her arms gently only for her open her eyes to a surprise.

4. Play Her Best Songs

A true boyfriend should know his girl's best romantic song she would listen to even in a bad mood. Pick up the phone and reduce the volume to a minimal level while you play her favorite song. Place it closer to her ears, in a few minutes she would wake up with a great smile and thank you for the head start.

5. Whisper Her Nicknames

You surely have beautiful nicknames specially made for your woman. Recite the ones she admires the most gently in her ears gently. Do this repeatedly for some moments, she will surely catch the sound from her sleep and wake up with a bright smile.

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