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"I don't think I can ever forgive my mother"- FICTION

It all started when I was in ss2, I got involved in teenage relationship and I got pregnant. My parents found out about it and threw me out if the house. I cried and pleaded by it all turned on deaf ears. My mum's younger brother also came home to plead on my behalf but my parents still didn't want to listen, they disowned me.

My uncle (my mum's younger brother) took me to his house and his wife was the one that took care of me until I delivered my baby. All this while my mum never called to ask about me. She never came to see my baby even after I delivered, she only called once just to rain abuses on me and to remind me of how useless I was.

After I got delivered of my baby, my uncle decided to enrol me in a lesson where I was able to write my WAEC and move on to further my education. My anty all this while was the one taking care of my baby.

Fast forward to this present day, I'm now married and my husband is a very successful engineer. My child is now 5 years old and my husband takes him as his own. I'm pregnant now and almost due for delivery. I want my anty to come for my Omugwo but they said it's a taboo since my mother is still alive.

I don't think I can stay in the same house with that woman. She called to apologize when she saw the money I sent to my father. Now she's seen I'm now successful she now recognizes that I'm her child.

I need advice on what to do because I really want my anty to come for my Omugwo.

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