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Facts: Two Mistakes Parents Make, Over Pampering And Over Protection

Today I would be talking about the major problems,are battling with raising their children, and possible solutions to these listed factors.

Most parents make these two mistakes: over pampering and over protection:

Firstly let's talk about the first mistake;

Over Pampering: Most parents tend to over pamper their children, because they feel that is the best way to train them and make sure they are comfortable with their life .

Over Pampering is giving a child everything they ask for.

Examples of over pampering:

#1:You don't flog or discpline your child anymore just because they would cry.

#2: You give them too much money that their age might not be able to control at that point in time.

#3: You allow them to dress anyhow they feel like.

And so on......

Let's go to second factor, Over Protection:

Over Protection is another factor that most parents do not get to see on time,or accept their fault.

Over Protection is watching over something extremely within your reach.

Now imagine you monitor your children too much,you don't even let them go out of the house,you don't buy good clothes for them to look good,you subject them to what you want.

Most parents think over protection is the solution.

You can agree with me that most of the kids who experience over protection from their parents without a single breathing space,they tend to be very secretive and corrupt.

Most of these kids are victims of molestation, because they are timid,most of them are victims of insest.

Even the Bible says anything too much is a sin.

How to train your kids:

#1 Set up your standards for your children at the early stage.

#2 Care for them ,don't give them reasons to look outside.

#3 Let your word be your word.

#4 Teach them not to be like others,that way they would be content,that everybody is using an iPhone 11 doesn't mean they should kill themselves over the trend.

#5 Gain their trust so they would never hide things from you.

#6 Allow their friends to visit so you could tell them the ones you wouldn't love them to mingle with.

#7 Pray for your children and pray with them.

Do this,and God will help you.

To every parents reading this,your child would never bring you pain or sorrow,Amen🙏

Hello welcome to today's episode with Favorite news.

See you next time

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