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Opinion: Should parents be the one to do house chores?

Going by the culture of Nigeria and Africa as a whole, the children are always responsible for house chores once they come of age to be able to handle it.

But civilization is turning everything around which is becoming baffling.

A Nigerian man has taken to the internet bro share an observation about his landlord which is troubling his mind.

The man man share this on social media and it really caught my attention.

He wrote: There is this scenario that I've been noticing about my landlord and his children and it's obvious that it has become a a norms for them.

This attitude always make me curious and also raises unanswered questions within me and that's why I'm sharing this with the world.

My landlord is an Idoma by tribe, he should be in his late fifties or early sixties with 6 grown up children, 3 boys and 3 girls.

The issue is that this man despite having grown-ups children do the house chores by himself while the children lazy around engaging in things that add no value to their lives.

This man will wash his clothes by himself while his girls, will be chatting with other ladies in the compound.

This man will go to get h water with kegs making use of wheelbarrow every morning. The least he goes daily is three trips, most times this man will go four trips or five, while the boys are either talking about girls or arguing about football teams and players.

My question now is this, is this an acceptable norm in (Idoma) culture? Or is this civilization?

For a father to be doing house chores while the children be playing around.

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