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"That's my mom's underwear" - man replies angry girlfriend on whatsapp

This one really got me shocked and I laughed really hard after reading this conversation between a man and his girlfriend. My brother there is no place to run to when it comes to this particular matter. It seems the man couldn't cover up his track well and had to tell the oldest lie in the book.

From what I could figure out from the conversation, it seems the guy's girlfriend came unannounced during the weekend to spend the whole with her man. The man might have had company the previous day and it seems the girl forgot her underwear or might have left it intentionally to put him in trouble (you know how girls can be possessive at times).

It seems the main girlfriend was cleaning up his room after he might have left for work and she found a strange underwear which didn't turn out to be hers. But come to think of it, some girls can be so observant to the extent of knowing the underwear size of your boyfriend's mom. This want really got me laughing hard.

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