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If You Notice These 5 Things In Your Relationship Then It May Be Time To Break Up

Alot of us are in relationships that we are not happy about, some people stay in relationships because they don't want to be single and are scared of being alone. Sometimes when we are dating someone there are a few signs that we would notice that are bad.

We would notice some things that are off about our partners, but because we choose to be blind we end up being unhappy in our relationship. There are a few signs that scream break up and we need to watch out for those signs. Let's take a look at those signs in a relationship that shows you should break up.

1. When You keep breaking up and getting back together

When your relationship is very unstable and you break up at any given chance, this may be a sign to just call it quits. You and your Partner should not see every argument as an avenue to break up, this is a bad sign to watch out for.

2. When You don’t like who you are in a relationship

There are some relationships that would make you to change into something different, when you start hating the new you it is a bad sign. Don't stay in a relationship that makes you distance yourself from your friends and your family.

3. When your partner always criticize you

This is another red flag, when you have a partner that brings you down at any chance he gets. When your partner constantly make you feel bad about yourself this is a terrible sign.

4. When you are afraid of being alone

This is another sign to break up if you are only in that relationship because you don't want to be alone.

5. Your partner often threatens to leave you

This should be a big turn off for you, if your partner is always threatening to break up with you during any argument. It shows that you are not valued in that Relationship and should just leave.

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