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Relationship is created and sustained by one thing.

Relationship is created and sustained by GIVING .  Every relationship started by someone that gave something-- time , attention , support , prayers , money , help .... the list is endless . 

True Lovers are Givers . Although is a groud of giving and receiving but you should do your best to avoid taking mentality . One of the reasons why relationship don't last long is when one person is always trying to be at the receiving end . Relationship is created and sustained by giving and not by taking . You should focus on giving in your relationship if want the best out of it nevertheless you can also expect to receive from your lover or spouse . 

Let me summerise the power of giving and taking in a fable . 

' The goose and the golden egg ' once upon a time there lived a poor farmer . He has a goose . One day he checked the goose and discovered that his goose has laid a golden egg . He could not believe his eyes , so he went to assessed the egg , it was a pure gold. He sold the golden egg and made a fortune . More surprisingly the goose laid another golden egg the next day . Everyday the goose lays a golden egg so the farmer became very wealthy . But with money comes impatience and greed he could not wait any for the goose to lay its eggs . So the farmer decided to kill the goose in order to get all the golden eggs inside the goose . But after killing the goose he found none . So the farmer no longer has his goose nor his golden eggs.

Relationship dies when people focus on what to get only . Can you connect with the story , kindly share with us in the comment section . 

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