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4 Questions You Should Never Ask A Girl You Just Met for The First Time

Meeting a pretty girl for the first time and want to impress her can be hard for many, some end up crashing up the whole conversation at the end with too many unnecessary questions. What are these questions you may ask? Don't worry as I share them on this article.

Ladies love to be dazzled by men, you could put in some compliments on her while chatting but you should also be careful as not to care about or ask her these questions below.

(1) How Old Are You?

Asking a girl your just meeting for the first time this question can make her feel insecure and you don't want that to spoil the beautiful conversation the both of you are having. Don't ask her such!

(2) I Don't Know, What Do You Want to Do?

Girls love guys who are full with crazy ideas not only to talk about but also to express so asking a girl what do you want to do would make her know you've run out of words to say. Remember every girl wants a guy who lead with a decision.

(3) How Many Guys Have You Been With?

The hearing of this would make her feel less worth and would also imply to her that the reason your asking such a question is because you see her as a slot maybe due to her dressing.

(4) Do You Think Am Attractive?

Asking a girl your not so familiar around this question would means showing her your weak spot. She'll buy the idea you don't have confidence in your looks or think you deserve her. No Lady wants a man who can't defend her and that's what shell take you for.

Hope you learnt something from this article. Kindly share this article so others can be updated as well.

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