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4 Qualities women want in a man

Almost every body in this world knows what he or she want in life. When it comes to what women want from men, it can be a little complicated because of individual differences. A girl might be interested in men who are physically handsome while some are interested in men who are financially stable. Sometimes some girls neither want men who are rich nor men who are handsome, all they want is a man who will love and take care of them. Most of these differences in what a girl wants may arise from either their family background or how they where brought up. For example a girl from a rich family may be looking for a man who will love and take care of her and not a man that is rich because she is already rich.

Some other common qualities that women want in men may include:

1. Height (that is a tall man).

2. Physically attractive (handsome man)

3. Women wants guys that are funny or guys that have good sense of humor

4. Women like men that are always Adventureous

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