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Here are Six Signs He Likes You But Does Not Have The Courage To Tell You

There are a lot of guys that have a crush on a girl but they are too scared to face the girl, sometimes he might have strong feelings for you but he might not have the courage to tell you, girls here are five signs to check if a guy likes you but lacks the courage to tell you.

1. He acts different around you

The way he acts around you will be different from how he behave with other female friends or colleague, he may be nicer and sweet to you , but he will not overdo it because of his fears.

2. You often catch him staring

Catching him staring is one of the biggest and easiest sign to show he has feelings for you, but often he might look away when you return the gaze to avoid eye contact, because he is scared.

3. You're always bumping into him

He'll be drawn to you, he would want to spend more time with you to figure out if the feeling he has for you is mutual.

4. When you'll together, it's amazing

When you meet up, you'll have a wonderful time together, but you don't really text each other much, you'll be getting mixed signals from him.

5. He seems to get jealous

You will notice his body language changes, when he sees you talking to another guy, he might get a bit angry or stare at you without even realising it, because fear aside, he can't help liking you.

6. He tries to impress you

Because he wants you to like him back, he tries the hardest to make a good impression on you, he may wear nice  clothes in front of you, he may likely show off in front of you to get your attention.

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