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The Perfect Age To Get Married

Different schools of thought has different opinion about the "perfect" age someone can get married. While ethnic groups and tribes follows various marriage age standards, religious bodies, on its own, have a different approach to the subject matter.

For instance, Christians believe that a person (man in this case) must be financially matured, physically matured, and spiritually matured to think of marriage. At what age this would be is dependent on several other factors. Without any omission, the literacy level of an individual can also be a determining factor.

Whether as a man or a woman, is there an ideal age to get married? For most countries, 18 is considered the marriageable age as of right. But we could still see people, especially girls, younger than that age getting married or being betrothed.

People marry at different ages for different reasons, and as a matter of choice. As such, there does not seem to be a perfect age for marriage.

The believe that getting married late or older reduces chances of divorce makes sense. It is likely that the couples will be more financially stable, have a clear sense of goals, and have spent quality time dating to understand what they really want. But what's happening now?

A recent report showed that getting married after mid-30s is riskier than getting married in the late 20s. How true could this be?

Do you think there is a perfect age for marriage, people should just go ahead whenever they think they are ready?

Kindly share your opinions through the comment box below.

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