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He left me heartbroken after 7 years of dating (Fiction)

My name is Ashabi Sandra. I am 23 years old and here I am today narrating how I was used for satisfaction for 7 years by a man who promised to marry me.

I was just a 200 level student of the University of Lagos then when we met, I was extremely young then. Most people wonder how I entered the University at the age of 15. I was a very brilliant student who got numbers of double promotions when I was in primary school.

One day when I was through with my lectures, i was headed home and that's when he came to meet me, a 400 level student, he looks handsome and sweet. He introduced himself as Segun and asked me if we can be friends, I agreed and we exchanged contacts.

Segun and I start getting closer, we became best friends, one of us can't do without the other in a single day. Then one day when we went to the cinema to watch a movie, He confessed his feelings about me, claiming he love me and will like to go into an intimate relationship with me. I've also been crushing on him for quite a while also, but I controlled myself and told him to give me sometime to think about it.

The next day, when we were discussing, he asked me about my reply to his proposal, I accepted to date him and we started a romantic relationship. When we started dating, we can't do without seeing each other for a day. In a short time, he graduated from the University, went to serve in a Northern state. We still contact ourselves everyday.

A year after, he finished his service. We continued where we stopped, we've had sex multiple times, he always shower me with gifts.

I also graduated but didn't went to serve, I started working in a bank, most times, we spend the weekend together. It was all going well until I started hearing rumors from my friends that my man is seeing another woman. I waved it aside thinking they're just jealous of our relationship.

Then one day, I decided to bring the topic of marriage up, he promised me he'll start taking necessary steps so we can marry. With time, we started growing apart, he'll claim he's busy. We started seeing like once in a week. So one day, I decided to give him a surprise visit. I got to his house, at the entrance, I started hearing a woman moaning, trusting my man never to cheat, I enter only to catch both of them in the act. He spoke harshly to me that I was supposed to call him if I was going to come to his place.

The woman he was having sex with just told him that since he and I are friends, he should give me the invitation letter to their wedding. I thought she was joking not until she went inside and brought out the invitation letter. I fainted instantly and woke up in the hospital.

I went into depression thinking everytime what I did wrong that he didn't plan to marry me instead of going for another lady. I realized he never loved me after staying two weeks in the hospital without him even visiting.

I vowed never to go deep into relationship with another man if he doesn't talk about marriage in the first three months. Up till date, I still ask myself this question: "Why didn't he marry me after 7 years of dating" but the more I ask, the more I run out of ideas.

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Ashabi Sandra Segun


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