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How To Love And Be Loved In A Relationship

Most times, lovers have complained about the unfair treatments they always get from their so called lovers. These unfair treatments spoken of revolves around love. In some cases, a lover may feel that he or she does not get the same value of love he or she gives. This often makes the relationship unhealthy.

Sometimes, it may not be either of their faults. This is because, some people actually love, they want to move and be loved, but they don't know how to love, or show love as you may like to put it. This is the reality. This is what this piece is trying to fix. Therefore, if you want to know how to love and be loved, you may consider reading this piece.

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1. Be a good listener.

We all get offended when our voices are not heard, when everyone give deaf ears to what we have to say. This also happens in the so called romantic relationships. Give the person you love a listening ear.

How can you be heard if you don't listen to someone. Pay attention to your lover's wants. Listen to what they have to say. This is a good way to show love. Of course, this love gesture will be reciprocated to you. Sometimes, love has to do with give and take. You can't always receive what you don't give. Listen to your lover, and he or she will listen to you. This is love.

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2. Make good use of your words.

Your words play important roles in conveying your love for someone. We love with our words, not only by our actions. Make promises with your words, then fulfill them accordingly. Compliment your lover with your sweet words. Saying nice things to your lover is a way to show love. As reciprocating as love is, you will also review nice compliments from your lover.

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3. Appreciate your lover with words and actions.

Saying thank you to your lover for even the smallest thing he or she did for you is a way to show that you love them and that you value their love gestures towards you.

4. Identify what they need.

Your lover may have some needs, but they may not tell you about them. It is left for you to identify or notice these needs and see to their fulfilment.

The point here is to be very observant. Sometimes, your lover may drop clues or signs of what they need, the onus is on you to notice them and help them satisfy these needs.

If you don't really observe, you can ask them about what you can do for them. When you are in need, your lover will also identify your needs and help you to get them done. This is how to love and be loved.

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5. Do your lover a favour, and they will also do you a favour.

You don't really need to make everything perfect, or to spend everything you have to do your lover a favour. Little love gestures is enough to do your lover a favour. Of course, you will receive a favour from them in return.

6. Spend quality time with them.

Spending quality time with your lover shows that you love them. Time is precious, therefore, if you spend your time with your lover, it shows that you value them more than your time. Therefore, to love and be loved in your relationship, spend more time with him or her.

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7. Give them gifts.

To show that you love someone, get them gifts. Gifting is a sign of true love. If you love someone, get them a gift.

Let me reiterate again, you can't get what you don't give. Give love, and you will be loved. Respect your lover, and you will be respected. Give to your lover, and you will be given.

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