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"Give This Family A Name" - A Controversial Issue Causing Lots Of Reactions On Social Media

"Give This Family A Name": A Controversial Issue Causing Lots Of Reactions On Social Media.

Today's article is a very controversial issue that is seriously trending online, therefore needs to be addressed. It is a sensitive issue that needs to be attended to by Africans and African parents.

Family background is what matters most in the children's life. Whatever way the family behaves the same will the offsprings also follow. It is very necessary for a parent to mind how they behave in the presence of their children.

According to Merriam webmaster, "the family is defined as the basic unit in society traditionally comprising of two parents raising their children; this means whatever way the parent embark on so shall the children also emulate."

A family is a particular group of people that may be composed of partners, children, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. The definition of family is a group of people who share common ancestors. (

In summary, having a family would mean having a partner and children. Everybody has a mother, father, and grandparents, so there is no need to ask if you have them. A parent that smokes or drinks are also sending a message to the children, he has already laid a foundation for them to follow.

Yesterday, I was checking through my phone and I decided to check my Facebook page, as I was scrolling through a blog, I came across a picture tagged with a powerful message saying "give this family a name". I almost shed tears why because I know there must be a family that lives a life of this kind.

Though several people share their opinion and sent lots of comments below the picture, they are screenshot below:

My advice as a parent is to encourage other parents out there and parents to become to help future leaders. Remember these kids are looking up to us, whatever way we act, they assume its the best way of life. A husband that wishes to smoke should kindly do it outside the home. While a mother that also wishes to drink should lock herself up in the toilet to do so. Remember your children are your future and they also represent your home.

This is where I will be dropping the pen and the door will be opened to you the readers to contribute your own view to this matter.

Thanks for reading, kindly leave a message in the comments section below, like and share to your loved ones.

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