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Pregnancy period

Pregnancy Phootshoot Ideas(pics).

As we all know, the love that exist between a mother and her children can never be measured, the love that exist between lovers cannot be more. Right from the day a mother knows she's carrying a baby in her womb, a bond is formed. She takes all the nausea, vomiting, cramps, cravings, aversion, weakness, headaches, back pain and a whole lot more just because of that child in her, that child that is the product of the union between her and her man, her joy, her second lover, the one that will make her fight against everyone or thing standing against him or her.

Definitely going through pregnancy is not easy for most women but there are also good moments during that period- the kicks, having an excuse to treat yourself, the special care, buying baby items, seeing your belly grow, sharing the news, finding out the gender, hearing the heartbeat and so on.

Take a look at these photos.

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