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3 Common Mistakes To Avoid During Intimacy, According To Islam

Note: Please keep in mind that the goals of this Article are to assist practicing Muslim brothers and sisters in enjoying Shariah-compliant intercourse. This is not an immoral 'guide' in which sex practices are described in detail for a variety of heinous motives. This guide is intended solely for brothers and sisters who are about to marry or who have already married but haven't had the best of times in the bedroom. Therefore, we will try to address sex only to the extent that it does not violate the lovely limits of Hayaa, but we will still try to cover it as much as possible to assist young Muslim men and women in today's day, when haram is, unfortunately, the norm. May Allah assist us in this endeavor.

Here are some Mistakes during intimacy, according to Islam:

1. Engaging in Intimacy in front of People or Children:

In Islam, intimacy is usually kept secret. Young children who have attained the age of 'discernment' are not permitted to visit the bedrooms of their parents or grandparents without first obtaining permission, in case they would encroach on any type of intimacy.

If children are required to request permission lest they see anything that occurs between husband and wife, then why not do such things openly and deliberately? 

Furthermore, performing such acts in public is a violation of honor and decency.

2. Revealing Intimate Details of Each Other & Sex:

Any intimate details of a marriage are not allowed to be spoken with others. This does not have to be restricted to intimacy in the bedroom, it can also include any secrets or confidences that one's spouse reveals with them.

3. Sex during a Woman’s Periods:

According to Islam, having sex with your wife while she is on her menstruation is strictly forbidden.

According to authentic hadiths. The Messenger of Allaah (S.A.W) stated, referring to intimacy with women during their menses.

"So do everything except intercourse". (Reported by Bukhari).


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