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Why Some Ladies Experience Late Or Missed Monthly Period Even When They Are Not Pregnant

One of the mind boggling things that can happen to any lady(most especially single ladies) is experiencing missed or late monthly period, when she is certain that she is not pregnant. Aside single ladies, married ladies can also be gripped by anxiety when their monthly period didn't come the days it used to in the past, mostly when they are observing family planning or not ready to be a mother in that given period of time. According to a health report, most times, such delay in the occurrence of menstrual flow can either be as a result of hormonal changes or medical related conditions. However, on rare occasions, delay or missed monthly period can be a normal thing when ladies first experience it for the first time or when menopause is starting.

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Nevertheless, as a lady, if you do not fall into the category of those who are experiencing menstruation or menopause for the first time, the following things can be responsible for the late or total monthly absence of the period.

1. Stress. A lady is likely to experience late or missed period when she overworked herself with activities, because during stress, her hormones can be altered. In addition, the part of the brain that regulates menstrual flow (hypothalamus) can be affected. To avoid this, try to create some time for yourself to rest after undergoing stress for a long period of time. You can also engage in some exercise on daily basis.

2. Reduction in body weight. According to available information, when a lady weighs 10 percent below what is considered a normal weight due to her inability to eat for a long time, the general functionality of her body system can be affected, which will eventually make ovulation to stop. To avoid this, if your inability to eat is caused by eating disorder, getting yourself treated, eating well and regaining your weight in a healthy manner can help put your period back to its normal state.

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3. Obesity. A lady who is battling with obesity is also likely to battle with late or missed period. Same way weight loss can be responsible for late menstrual period, excess weight can also be a factor. If this is discovered to be the cause of it, it is recommended that a qualified doctor should put you on the right diet to take to manage your weight.

4. Incessant taking of birth control pills or contraceptives. Medical experts believe that birth control pills and contraceptives contain hormones estrogen and progestin. Those contents have the ability of preventing a lady's ovaries from releasing eggs at the right time. In addition, aside swallowable pills, contraceptives that are injected and implanted can also be responsible. To correct it, you need to stop using the aforementioned for at least 6 months before correction can take place.

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5. Early menopause. Normally, the menopause of most ladies start between the ages of 45 - 55. However, women who start experiencing symptoms of menopause around 40 years can be considered to be having early menopause. Invariably, it means that the supply of the egg is slowing down, which will make the eggs not to be released timely, thereby leading to missed periods and eventually end of menstrual flow.

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