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What Will You Do If You Return From Work And You Find Your Child And Your Room Like This (Opinion)

A child is a human being between the stage of birth and puberty or between the developmental period of puberty and many peoples believe that "child are not wise enough to know what is wrong and what is right".

The picture below is the picture of a child who wet himself with a full bottle of red oil, He was posted on a facebook page with a question writeup which is "what will you do if you return from work and you find your room and you child like this?"

Let assuming, you work tiredly the same day you find your child and your room like this and also you are planing to reach home and relax because of the alot of stressed you pass through in your working place. What will you do?

The question got alot of reaction on a Facebook page and below are the screen shot of some people comment about the post on Facebook.

Here is what people said about the question,

@Anonted angel, "I will clean him and the room then tell him not to do it again"

@FavourNweke, "I will beat him and after I finish beating him, I will warn him then keep it safe for him not carry it again"

@Divinstar connect, "I will clean it up then face the person that allow him to do it"

@olori aduke ade, "I will just sit on the ground and start crying.

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