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Opinion: In Most Cases, A Father's Mouth Is The Reason Why The Children Struggle In Life

Fathers are the backbone of a family because they strive as much as possible (with the help of the wife) to meet the needs of every member of the family. But sometimes, they contribute to a their children's struggle in life.

It's is in the nature of men to sometimes have pride and be boastful in their achievements in life and even more boastful when their children are doing well. They may not show their happiness at home but they boast about it when they are with friends or family members (brothers).

Yes, I know it is not an easy task to train up a child through school from nursery up till tertiary institution because if one should calculate the expenses made during the course of that journey, the money can afford many luxuries for Fathers. When a child repays the father's commitment by delivering academic excellence, it becomes a thing of joy to the father.

Men talk a lot when they are a bit tipsy and they sometimes discuss this with his friends, family members (uncles & aunties). He does this things with a clean mind, just trying to show his happiness towards his children success but sometimes, in the course of doing this, he tends to put the future of his children in great danger.

We live in a wicked world where people don't like the progress of another person. A father talking about his children academic success this to his friends or family members can spark jealousy in them, especially when the child of person he is telling this to is not doing so well academically. These friends or family members, out of jealousy may tend to use spiritual means to hamper the progress of that child and hence, making him to struggle in life. You may not believe this, but even the bible tells us that a man's enemies are members of his household.

I have seen cases where a man's struggle was traced back to his uncle at the village and when the man finally confessed, he said he did it out of jealousy. Our fathers may just be sharing their joy with a clean heart but they should stop doing this because they might be putting the future of their children in danger.

We live in a world where people hardly share their success because of how evil the world has become. So therefore, to all the fathers reading this, before you start telling you village people, friends or brother about how well your child is doing academically, please think twice and consider the repercussion.

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