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He Is 8 Years Old And Looks Like An Old Man, But His Parents Loves Him

In life, not every one would love you, but there are two particular persons that does, and that's your parents. They say a parents love for their child is unconditional, and can't be replaced by anyone.

It is true,our parents are the only ones that can love us unconditionally, they are the only ones that can give their lives for us. They are always there for us, even when the world turn against us. Let's take a look at the story of this boy, that has a rare condition but his parents love him.

Bayezid Hossain is currently a 8 years old boy from Bangladesh, he was born in 2012 if you see him you would think he is an old man. You would think he is just a short old man, not knowing he is just a little kid.

He has a disease which is known as Progeria, this makes him grow older than his age, gives him a swollen face, weak teeth, weak joints and sagging skin, just like an old man.

He is feared in hus Village, even kids his age run away from him, this made him unable to go to school like his mates. People teased him, called him names and avoided him, despite knowing his condition.

His mother whose names is Triptin, was scared and worried at first when she gave birth to him. She and her husband Hossain didn't care about his condition, they still love him unconditionally and take care of him. See pictures below;

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