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3 Things A Woman Does When She Doesn't Like You

Women are very open when it comes to displaying their emotions once they don't like a man, once a woman doesn't like a man the signs are always very visible and glaring to anyone who cares to pay attention to them. Below are 3 things a woman does when she doesn't like you:

1.) Hardly calls: When a woman doesn't like you it would hardly ever cross her mind to even call you, she would be more fixated on calling those who she values and appreciates.

2.) Doesn't pick your calls: Asides the fact that she hardly calls you she would hardly ever want to pick you calls and would constantly use the I am busy phrase to evade proper explanations, a woman that loves you would always want to pick your calls eagerly so she can hear your voice.

3.) Doesn't introduce you to her friends: When a woman doesn't like you she would hardly ever mention you to any of her friends at all, she does this because she doesn't like or care about you at all. A woman's friends are always the first to know when she is unto a new man that she truly likes.

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