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"Don't Drink Agor and Rubis If You Are Not Around Your Man" - Lady jokingly advises

A popular online influencer by name, Aisha Ewawunmi has taken to social media to jokingly advice her female friends not to take Agor and Rubis Wine when their men are not around.

(Ewawunmi, Credit: Profile)

The popular lady showed video of the two wines and told ladies to only drink it only when they are with their men. See how she wrote it below.

"You see these wines called Agor and Rubis. As a lady, Don't take it if you're not around your man. Don't say I didn't warn you".

Of course any adult will understand the point she is trying to make, she is not insinuating that the two wines are dangerous. What she literally means is that the drink can possibly turn a lady on and get her in the mood to be with a man.

There are some wines that are like that so she is not trying to run down the brands.

She may have said this out of her personal experience because it is clear she is the one holding the drinks in the video.

See how some of her followers are responding to her jokes below.

What is your opinion regarding what she said?

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