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Meet the Muslim Ex-Governor That got Married A Devoted Catholic Woman

Love is believed to be a fantastic experience. This isn't the kind of enchantment we see in movies about fairytales. It's a form of magic that isn't self-serving but instead seeks to understand and support others.

True love has the ability to overcome many obstacles. Any marriage that isn't founded on pure love is doomed to fail. The kind of love I'm talking about is the kind that comes from listening to your spouse, without imposing your viewpoint on them and showing tolerance.

The marriage between Babatunde Fashola and Abimbola should serve as an inspiration to many young couples and others who have yet to marry. The way the couple interacts and expresses their love, you'd never guess they're from different religions.

Fashola is a devout Muslim, but his wife is a devout Catholic. Religion has never been a problem in their marriage.

This is meant to illustrate the importance of communication and tolerance in marriage. According to Abimbola Fashola, they married in the Church because it was their understanding. He has continued to practice his religion since their wedding, while she has continued to practice hers. There hasn't been a single problem so yet.

He has his own prayer room in the house, and she has her own prayer area in the house, as well as her own altar with crucifix and rosary.

Religion should not be used as an excuse to despise or despise another person. You can still love someone who does not share your religious beliefs.

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