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3 Kind Of Guys Every Lady Would Love To Hang Out With

It's funny how some guys would just come to meet you and start requesting for you to give them tips on how to make a lady this and how to make a lady that and all sorts of things but if only they knew the kind of characteristics and attitudes that every lady would love to hang out with, they wouldn't take into asking much about that.

Well, this article can also help in the case of those who are trying to woo a lady and then want to have a good shot. Below among others, are 3 characteristics of the kind of men every lady would love to hang out with.

1. The Attentive Man

Now if you are very familiar with ladies, one thing you would notice is that they always love attention. Ladies like to be with men who would give them lots and lots of attention. Sometimes they may even get jealous if they find out that some other lady is stealing your attention even if it's just a small fraction of it.

Ladies like to be with men who are very attentive and could listen and listen to whatever they have to say even if it's rubbish. They want this care through attention. They want to talk and so attention is the best way they get to do that. Everybody loves attention but ladies value and never joke with it.

2. The Funny Kind Of Guy

No matter how serious any lady can be, they always want some time to cool of and Maude relax their minds and get something to always make them feel happy. Show me a funny dude and I will show you how many female friends that would always want to be with him. Ladies may not need to in a relationship with a funny guy but they sure would love to hang out with those kind of guys because of how free and funny they are.

On the second note, if you're in relationship as a guy with a lady, you would wanna do more to make her laugh more often so that she doesn't get to look for where to laugh from other people. Make sure you're the fun that she always want to have and be with. If you want to make a lady hang out out with you more often, you have to give her what is known as vibe, cause when you're the vibe, you have got over 50% of her time.

Don't be too serious, be funny, be fun, play and crack jokes. Sometimes it is also even good to make jest of her (but not in a bad say though, but a good one).

3. The Romantic And Sweet Kind

I've met so many guys in the past and they have asked me to teach them so get their lady engaging to them, that is want to get their lady to hang out more with them and then after assessing their attitudes and approach, it seems so off the romantic radar. I'm not trying to be disrespectful, but this non romantic kind is common among religious guys (no offence to anyone). Although there are still some religious guys who are romantic and sweet.

But if you want a lady to wanna hangout with you more, you gotta pull that sweet and romantic trigger that will always make her to say "awwwwwwwwww" (lol). Be caring and kind. Even in conversations, try to be more full of sweetness and she may not want to go offline cause you're already giving her butterflies in her stomach and blowing her mind off. And should you want to send a voice note while chatting or you want to put a call through to her, just be sure to activate that sweet baritone voice of yours as a man. Believe me, it's quite a catch.

Now there are many things ladies would love in a guy to hangout more with them but you see this three mentioned above, they are charms that no lady can resist.

I do hope this article was helpful, do like, share and leave a comment below. Font also forget to hit the follow button to get more info about guys and ladies relationships.

Content created and supplied by: EgbonYoruba (via Opera News )

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