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5 Signs Of A Good Woman

To know a good woman, there are some signs you need to look out for and pay attention to. A good woman won't in any way hurt your feelings or make you feel rejected and wounded, instead, she will be there to patch you up and draw you closer when there's no other person. 

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When you have a good woman in your life, everything will go in ease and you will have peace of mind. Having a good woman would be the best choice you will ever make in your life. 

Below are 5 signs of a good woman.

1. She inspires you to be a better person.

A good woman will inspire you and make you full of energy in every aspect of your life. She will only push you to be a better person and support you in achieving your goals. She will be there to cut off any negative energy and vibes surrounding you. When a woman shows this sign, she's a good woman who wants the best for you. 

2. She doesn't make you feel jealous.

A good woman won't play mind games with you just because she wants to test you. She won't make you feel jealous and she will consider how you will feel before doing something like this to you. A good woman won't punish you by making you feel jealous, instead, she will sit you down and let you know you offend her and then settle it right away. 

3. She gets along with your family and friends.

A good woman will get along with your family and friends and she will maintain a good relationship with them. She won't fight with them and will never ruin the kind of relationship you have with your friends and family. She will always approach them with respect and treat them with love. She won't isolate you from them and she will enjoy their company. When a woman is showing this sign, she's a good woman.

4. She gives you space in your relationship.

A good woman won't always be clingy with you, she will give you space to do whatever you want. She will give you the space to pursue your goals and interests without being a hindrance. She won't stop you from spending time with your pals and won't complain when you spend time with your family. 

As a man, when a woman is like this to you, you should know she's a good woman and you should always keep her by your side.

5. She makes you feel lucky to be with her.

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