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5 Things Women Hate About Men And Why You Should Avoid It

Most men are unaware that the things they do to women sometimes hurt them and make them sad. Just because a woman doesn't tell you she's hurt doesn't mean she's not hurt. The words you say and the things you do sometimes can hurt a woman, but she might not tell you. This is why you should always choose the kind of words you use and the kinds of things you do when dealing with women.

As a man, you might not mean harm, but sometimes you might not know that the things you do hurt a woman. That is why you need to know the things that hurt a woman so that you can avoid them.

 Dear men, here are 5 things you do that hurt a woman's feelings.

1. Saying hurtful words to her.

Some guys don't even know how to behave around women because they tend to use harsh and hurtful words that hurt their feelings. When you start using hurtful words about a woman, she will take it personally and it will hurt her more than you might think. As a man, if a woman has done something that annoys you, you shouldn't use hurtful words about her unless you want to hurt her feelings.

 2. Pay it less attention.

 Here's another thing most men do that hurts a woman's feelings without knowing it. Not giving a woman the attention she wants will make her lonely and sad. She will be depressed and her feelings will suffer greatly.

As a man you should never pay less attention to your wife no matter what, you should try to pay more attention if you don't want to hurt her.

 3. Compare her with other women.

 No one will feel happy or start to laugh when you compare them to another person. When you start to compare a woman with other women, you hurt her without knowing it. She will feel rejected and think she is not worth it.

As a man, comparing one woman to another will not change anything, it will only bring hatred. Instead of comparing her, help her become the woman you want.

 4. Treat it as if it doesn't exist.

When you treat a woman like she doesn't exist, she will feel bad and her feelings will be hurt. We have guys who have no respect for women and then treat them like a rag. There is no way that a woman's feelings are not hurt when she is treated like an object.

As a man, you have to appreciate your wife and treat her like a human being. If you treat her like she doesn't exist, she will still cry all the time and she will be hurt.

 5. Cheat on her.

 It's another thing that hurts a woman's feelings. When you cheat on a woman, she will be deeply hurt.

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