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4 Features that attract a woman to a man.

It is the desire of every woman to be happy in her relationship. There are certain features which every woman cherishes in a man, and when she finds a man who has these features, she will do everything possible to make him hers.

In a relationship, you are not supposed to manage your spouse, rather you are supposed to enjoy your spouse. However, as a man, there are some features you need to have in order to attract women. Do not just withhold your bad characters and keep hoping that a woman who will love you just the way you are will come someday. You better make some positive changes in your life.

There are some features which women find fascinating in men, and when you ask them the kind of man they love, their description would be based on these three areas:

1. Physique: axiomatically, women love men with amazing physique; cute men. Men who have nice body stature seem to be attractive to women. Men with "potbelly" and fat men are often not attractive; therefore, as a man, you have some work to do in order to maintain nice body shape.

2. Appearance: this has to do with your dressing. Every woman loves a man who dresses well. Even your dressing alone could be the reason a woman may fall in love with you. That is the reason you should have a good fashion sense and know the right clothing to put on every moment.

3. Caring and loving attitude: this is very paramount. When you have this caring and loving attitude, you will be termed a "nice guy." Nice guys easily win the heart of women because women believe that being in a relationship with such guy will assure one's sense of belonging and peace of mind.

3. Financial Stability: another thing which a woman would consider in a man is his financial stability; if he is financially stable to take care of her. You should also know that money is necessary. Even if you do not have the whole money but at least you have to be financially stable and able to take care of yourself and a woman.

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