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I Am The Reason Your Boyfriend Stopped Picking Your Calls- Lady Boast On Twitter With Hot Pictures

A lady has taken to her Twitter page to lambast and boast that she is the reason why other girls' boyfriend stopped picking their calls. She uploaded pictures of herself with the caption "I'm the reason your boyfriend stopped picking your calls".

Obviously, this didn't go well with other Twitter users especially the ladies and they took to the comment section to ridicule the said girl. The guys weren't left out as they also commented their piece of mind in the comment thread except that they only showered praises on the beautiful girl who had uploaded her pictures not minding the caption.

But funnily enough, the girl who uploaded the pictures seem not to be bothered about what other Twitter users were commenting on her post. She only seems to be having a good time of her life.

In our today's world, it appears that people don't care about what they upload or post online, not minding the repercussions of their actions. It is advisable that young adults should take caution about what they upload and post online as this might come back to haunt them in the nearer future.

Below are several screenshots from the comments thread of the said uploaded pictures.

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