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Opinion: Why Your Relationship Does Not Last More Than 3 Months

People have normalized being in a relationship for just 2-3 months. Some people do not really care why it does happen like that, and are satisfied with that dating period. Why some are really curious to know why there relationship life hardly pass those month. That is what we will be talking about. Revealing possible reasons why relationship do not last that long.

You get a new guy or girl with the hope that you will be together forever. Suddenly after one month it crashed. You try with someone else, it crashed again within 2 to 3 month. The possible reasons why these happened include:

1. You haven't find the right one

Sometimes I it might not be your fault, you must have given your best but it still crashes because that person was not meant for you in the first place.

2. You are not ready for relationship yet

It's really advisable you understand yourself before going into relationship. It might be that a particular break up have put your emotions in flight mode, and you could hardly accept anyone due to that.

3. You are looking for happiness whereas you are not happy

The only reason why you want to date someone is to be happy. You are demanding for constant happiness in the relationship whereas you are not happy yourself.

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