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Do you want to upgrade your vocabulary and your spoken English? Here are 29 new English words to use

There is no doubt that people are going to respect you because of the way you talk and the type of English you speak. That is the main reason why we all should try as much as we can to upgrade our vocabulary so as to gain more respect from people. Here are 30 new English words to use.

1. Askhole:

(n) Someone who asks many stupid, pointless, or obnoxious questions.

2. Bedgasm:

(n) The feeling of euphoria experienced when climbing into bed at the end of a very long day.

3. Masturdating:

(n) Going out alone to a movie or restaurant.

4. Texpectation:

(n) The anticipation felt when waiting for a response to a text.

5. Cellfish:

(n) an individual who continues talking on the phone so as to be rude or inconsiderate of other people

6. Nonversation:

(n) A completely worthless conversation; small talk.

7. Destinesia:

When you get to where you were intending to go, but forget why you were going there in the first place.

8. Errorist:

(n) Someone who repeatedly makes mistakes, or is always wrong.

9: Carcolepsy:

(n) A condition where a passenger falls asleep as soon as the car starts moving.

10. Hiberdating:

(v) When a person completely ignores their friends in favor of a boy/girlfriend

11. Ambitchous:

(adj) Striving to be more of a bitch than the average bitch.

12. Youniverse:

(n) Used to indicate that a person has knowledge only of himself; their universe consists only of them.

13. Internest:

(n) The cocoon of blankets and pillows you gather around yourself whilst spending long periods of time on the internet periods of time on the internet.

14. Columbusing:

(n) When white people claim to have discovered something that has been around for years, decades, or centuries

15. Unkeyboardinated:

(adj) The inability to type without making repeated mistakes.

16. Afterclap:

(n) The last person who claps after everyone has stopped.

17. Beerboarding:

(n) Extracting secret information from a colleague by getting them drunk.

18. Bromance:

ericans Could Be Facing 18 Months of

(n) a “BFF” situation involving two male friends.

19. Dudevorce:

(n) When two bros officially end a bromance.

20. Epiphanot:

(n) An idea that seems like an amazing insight to the conceiver, but is, in fact pointless, stupid, mundane, or incorrect.

21. Unlightening:

(v) Learning something that makes you dumber.

22. Nerdjacking:

(n) Filling a conversation with unnecessary detail about one’s passion for an otherwise uninitiated, uninterested layperson.

23. Doppelbanger:

(n) Someone who has sexual intercourse with someone that looks identical to them, but is not related.

24. Nomonym:

(n) A food that tastes just like another food.

25. Irrightional:

(a) Someone who irrationally believes they are alway right.

26. Cupidity:

(n) The really stupid things you do when you are in love.

27. Chiptease:

(n) The pocket of air in the top of a bag of chips.

28. Eglaf:

(n) A word that has no meaning; can be used in place of any other word.

29. Wanderlust:

The desire to travel and see new places.

Content created and supplied by: Ebukajp (via Opera News )

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