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GUYS: See Reason Why Girls Always Turn You Down

This is one of those complicated issues, a lot of things could contribute to this. You might be asking too early, or too late, you might be asking the wrong set of people, you might be asking in fear and apparent you are afraid, so it likely all of this is playing out all together.

What you need however is to work on yourself, and the work is to really start something that will improve your self-esteem. You reek of low self-esteem. Whatever you think you can do, start doing it, and put yourself in an environment that supports you and makes you feel really good about yourself.

This may seem to not have much to do with the problem but I tell you, if you can fix your esteem, the problem would almost automatically disappear. I'm sorry it is really long. But like I said it is one of the complicated issues. It takes a little of care and delicate dissension to really solve the problem.

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