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Some Acts That Parents Should Stop Allowing From Neighbours Over Their Children

It is a known fact that the foremost essence of marriage is the fruit of the womb; and that is to procreate the children who would take care of their parents and survive them at last. Even, the holy Bible alleges God as directing us to come to the earth, and multiply.

Much as the above assertion is no doubt true, it is not just enough to be parents. In addition, being able to jealously bring up the children is of immense importance. And in order to achieve this, the young and innocent souls must be highly protected from neighbours in all ramifications, but with particular references to the precautions to be stated below:

1.) Expensive jokes: at times, some male neighbours are of the habit of openly joking with their co-tenants by calling their female children their wives. Female adults also do same to the little ones of their colleagues. But unfortunately, some of them had gone to sexually abuse the babies without the knowing of their ignorant parents. As an example, an eighteen years old repentant prostitute once confessed that she was defiled at the age of eight by a former neighbour of her family who used to playfully call her his wife.

2.) Allowing neighbours to give gifts to children: parents should also desist from the habit of accepting presents from their neighbours on behalf of their children, as well as allowing the tender ones to accept such gifts. The young ones must be cultured to reject offers from people without the consent of their parents and/or guardians. A good illustration to drive this home was the case of a female undergraduate who was once showering gifts on a twelve years old class two boy who was living with his elder sister. But she was later caught in the act of having canal knowledge of him.

3.) Giving the children unusual disciplinary measures: at times, some situations might warrant that some people would find themselves in the position of having to instill the same methods of handling their children on others'. But as it may be, for fear of the infants getting easily adapted to such, their parents might frown at such gestures. And they can not really be blamed for taking such position. For instance, no parents should be expected to condone anyone shouting down their children, especially if such an act is alien to the latter. The former might consider it as the right thing to do, but the fact is that yelling at adults, let alone children, goes a long way demoralizing them by lowering their self-esteem. This includes capital punishments such as beating and raining abuses on them.

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