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Average time a man can stay before he discharges during sex

Lots of people don't stay long during intercourse. It was reported few years ago that nearly half of men finish within two minutes which can be devastating sometimes. 

Premature discharge is when you discharge earlier than usual. It is one of the major problem affecting a lot of people across the world today. It can be frustrating and embarrassing sometimes that is why expert have revealed the average time a man should stay before he discharge. 

In this article, in line with a publication on "Menshealth", we shall be discussing the average time a man can stay before he discharge during intercourse. 

According to professionals, it was found that over 500 couples were studied using stopwatches to measure the time between intercourse and discharge. It was almost a four weeks of intercourse sessions. However, a man may stay within the median time of 5.4 minutes. Please if you discharge below this time it is important you seek medical attention as fast as possible.

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