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3 Mistakes A Lady Should Never Make No Matter How Much She Loves A Guy

When a woman falls in love, she tends to outdo herself. She tends to do stuffs she never imagined she could do. Well that's fine, however, if you are deeply in love with a guy, never do these 3 things.

1. Never be too available for him. Over familiarity will always breed contempt. Do not always be there for him whenever he picks up the phone to call. Even if you crave his presence, sometimes, let the phone ring and call back much more later. This is also a way to love a man properly. Do not make the mistake of being at his beck and call, else, he wouldn't value you as he should.

2. Do not surrender to him. When you surrender to a man who is not even your husband, they take advantage of you. Financially, $exually and even emotionally. When you give off the vibe that you can do anything for him, he would be happy, but trust that he will surely take advantage of it.

3. Do not give in to making love if you are not ready. He may tease you by saying that if you love him, prove it to him by doing this, but the truth is that you do not have to. Love is not measured by the amount of times you make love. If you are not ready for that phase of your life, especially as a young girl, do not rush into it. Tell him that if he cannot believe your words, then he shouldn't believe any other thing coming from you. If you make the mistake of making love with him only because you want to prove your love to him, then he doesn't love you in the first place.

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