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True Story: Boy With No Legs Lives Life To The Full. (See How)

This challenging 10-year-old lives as a twofold amputee – yet that hasn't halted him taking up KARATE and going skateboarding with his companions. Cory Jr. had both of his legs cut off not long after he was brought into the world with an uncommon condition, called Tibial Hemimelia, where the tibia bone is either little or missing. 

source: youtube 

For Cory's situation, his tibia bones were not completely evolved in the two legs and he was missing lower leg joints. So specialists, alongside his mother, Christy, concluded removal was the best course of treatment. While Cory has prosthetics, he seldom utilizes them – selecting to get around a lot speedier on his stubs. 

source: youtube 

In spite of the inescapable hardship his condition has presented, Cory stays positive and dynamic throughout everyday life; taking karate classes, skateboarding with companions and even stone climbing. 

source: youtube 

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