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What Married Couples Can Do While They Prepare To Make Love

One of the things that differentiates singles from married people is the licence and monopoly that the latter have in the area of making love to each other over the former. Unlike some single people that make out with guilt, once people are married, they have the freedom to do whatever they like with each other in their matrimonial bed without any guilty conscience because it is their God's given marital right. Even though there are no universally set out guidelines for married couples to follow before, during and after lovemaking, there are things they can do, which can make their intimacy worthwhile and remarkable.

Inasmuch there are "before", "during" and "after" actions for married people to take while consummating each other in their bedroom, this content will be focusing on the "before" part.

As married couples who want to have a memorable experience in your matrimonial bed, you should attempt the following while preparing for lovemaking:

1. Have a shower individually or collectively. The first thing you should do while preparing for intimacy is taking a shower to freshen up before the act. You can have your bath separately or do it together. Freshening up will create a romantic atmosphere for the task ahead of you. Unlike an irritating smell, good smell can bring into existence some kind of special arousal between couples. It will also be an added advantage if you can apply perfume that will add savor to your body smell.

2. Put on cool music to play in the background. Aside entertainment, music plays diverse roles in the life of the listener. There is music for every mood. Lovemaking is not exceptional. Cool music (blues) can create a romantic feeling in the lives of couples when preparing to spend quality time together. If possible, you can both dance slowly and steady to the rhythm of the sound while you hold hands, face one another and look at each other's eyes in the process.

3. Watching romantic movies together. Apart from music, movies can also create an emotional role for those watching them. When married couples watch romantic movies that have trace of passion and intimacy scenes in them, they can feel the vibes and get "charged" up.

4. Foreplay. Foreplay is to lovemaking as fuel is to a car. It gives couples the time to explore each other's bodies through the movement of their hands, express their burning desire in words and through profession of their undying love for each other. More often than not, intricacy that flows from foreplay gives married people more pleasure and satisfaction than the one that does not include it(foreplay).

Remember that, anything that worth doing is worth doing well. If you must make love to each other in your marriage, make it count, because it can go a long way in creating emotional bond between you and your partner.

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