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3 Ways to Make Girl Love You So Much.

They are ways to make a lady love you so much. As a man, if you want women to love you, I will be giving you some steps to follow, and you will make women fall for you. 

1. Never lie to her. 

As a man if you want women to be falling for you, never lie to them be always straightforward, never start turning white to black, never you be a liar or a great cheat, women love men who are straightforward because they trust them so much, as a man don't just be good to your girlfriend alone always be good to everybody around you, good names pays and bring respect. 

2. Be dedicated and focused. 

As a man, if you have feelings for a lady, go for her, don't start looking at different women outside, one man for a woman. Always focus on one woman, love her so much and also love yourself, other ladies will start to like you because you don't move from one woman to another. 

3. Tell her about a funny incident that happened to you. 

Women always love men who make them happy. As a man, always make every woman around you smile, always tell them a funny incident that happened to you so that you all can laugh at the matter. Also, always share things that will make her laugh, and by then you have become the girl them sugar.

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