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6 Things to do before you propose marriage to your girlfriend

Things to do before you propose marriage to your girlfriend

Marriage Proposal of late comes with a lot of uniqueness, beauty, amazement, colors, excitement etc. Gone are those days when you just meet your girlfriend and say baby we’re getting married so and so date then boom! You’re married. This days, men go to the extreme to propose marriage to their girlfriends, either in an occasion, or at an even center, church, outdoor, anywhere. Most have trended online because of its beauty and style while however, some have trended for it's failure i.e. refusal by the lady “for some reasons best known to her”. Now you wouldn’t want to experience such heart break when proposing to your girlfriend.

Some of the online proposals that has failed, you may want to ask, was it staged? Or did the guy propose to the wrong person like to say her twin maybe, who knows? How comes the person you’ve been dating is now the person refusing your proposal. For some guys they’ll just kill that girl after chopping their money and wasting their time. While for some, they might not be able to just bare such embarrassment knowing that the video clip has gone viral. How then can one come out from such pains?

Since you don’t want such to happen to you, try to pick out some lessons from my points of view below;

1. Be sure she’s ready for marriage:

This I guess should be one of the major reasons why many marriage proposals are rejected. Having a commitment or serious relationship with a lady is beyond “I love, tell me you love me too”

For some men, this is a true sign of a serious girlfriend but my guy, look before you leap. That lady you’re in love with might not just be ready for marriage so she’ll turn you down. Marriage is a life time thing, many girls Don’t want to take that risk with just anyone. You should be able to read the handwriting on the wall before you conclude she’s ready to settle down with you. Now when you’re sure the time is set, let’s move on to the next set.

2. Get a ring:

These days, the most recognized seal of love is a ring. People use it as a sign of love for their partner, to show seriousness. For example, try kneeling down before a lady even in the most hidden place and say you want to propose without a ring, you could be roasted for that my guy. (But in situations where she knows you might not be able to afford a ring, it’s cool then get some friends together with you and so you guys can celebrate your proposal together 'without a ring' wink )

3. Chose a perfect occasion:

If you plan on doing it big, get a location either on an occasion maybe your friends wedding, her birthday or your birthday or just a memorial day (it’s let to you to decide) Ensure to keep it cool and simple.

4. Be unique in your style:

Owk, now that everyone is kneeling down to propose to their partner, ehmm where did we get that from? That’s not the case, do what ever you want either you kneel, prostrate, stand, bend, or jump etc. just chose a style. When it comes to expression of love, just expect to be flexible. Think of an occasion that will wow her instead of using the normal wedding occasion or house party etc. Anyway it’s still your choice.

5. Rehearse:

My brother, if you know you can’t display confidence in proposing to her in public, please rehearse. It will help you arrange your words and composure. Don’t just rush into it. Get help from friends who can guide you through. Starting from the approach you might want to use or maybe involve some friends to avoid alerting her suspicious mind. Make it fantastic.

6. On that day, relax

Don’t panic even if things are about to spoil, just relax my brother, even if it appears that the occasion you wanted to use didn’t work out just relax. If you use that anxiety and pressure on you, you might just spoil your own show yourself so just maintain calmness; you’ll still propose anyways so why not be yourself and give it your best shot. 

I wish you success in your proposal. Thank you for reading. Please ensure to FOLLOW me for more Entertaining articles like this and don’t forget to share to someone who needs it.

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